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  1. Rachel dit :

    I am so sorry that I do not speak/type French. My friends and I love your TV show « Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Just so you know, my favorite character is Cat Noir :). We would love for the show to continue onto season 2. Everyone loves the TV show, but there are some problems that really gets my friends and I annoyed. We would like them to get fixed, if possible in season 2. What are they, you say? Here they are:
    > First off, it’s impossible for two partners to work together when one is more stronger and smarter than the other, unless it’s in the case of a hero and sidekick. But Ladybug and Car Noir are not hero and sidekick, but partners instead. Its kind of unfair for Cat Noir to be useless (this is how you make Cat Noir seem like in almost very episode.) and Ladybug has to do everything. Try to lessen that and have some scenarios where Ladybug is in trouble and Cat Noir gets the Akuma. I understand why you did what you did though, since Ladybug creates and Cat Noir destroys.
    > Second, my friends and I would like some episodes where Cat Noir or Ladybug try to find their partner’s identity (Cat Noir/Adrian trying to find who Ladybug/Marinette is and vice versa). If that doesn’t work well for you, then have some episodes where someone else tries to find their identity. Have a variety of episodes where it’s not just the superheroes fighting, but some suspense mixed in.
    >Lastly, can you make them fall in love, in whatever form their in? We are all dying to see what happens!
    That’s all! Thank you for the TV show, it is awesome! Please consider these problems/hopes of ours because we hope they make your TV show more interesting, even though it already is. I love everything about it, WE love everything about it!
    Thank you once again!
    P.S. Please spread this to your other team members, PLEASE!!!!! Also, we are from America, and we’re in our teen ages. Yes, we are weird! But we still love Miraculous!

  2. kuri dit :

    Hi Rachel,
    We are delighted that you love Miraculous so much! I’ll let the authors know about your message.
    We’ll do our best for the second season to meet your expectations.
    Thank you!

  3. Caroline dit :

    Je viens de voir vos travaux et je dois avouer que j’aime beaucoup certains de vos personnages et votre douceur graphique et énergique à la fois. Mais si j’écris aujourd’hui c’est pour ma fille Iris qui est tout naturellement fan de Lolirock et elle c’est peu de le dire. Alors merci pour ce très bel animé musical et nous attendons la saison 2 avec impatience, y compris son jeune frère… Merci pour votre créativité.

  4. kuri dit :

    Bonjour Caroline, et merci pour votre message! Il n’y a pas de plus beau compliment que de savoir les enfants conquis par cette série, dans laquelle nous avons mis tout notre amour et toute notre énergie. La saison 2 devrait commencer à être diffusée dans quelques mois, je n’ai pas la date exacte. Mais le réalisateur et son équipe font de leur mieux en ce moment même pour que la saison 2 soit à la hauteur de nos espérances à tous ^^ Je leur ferai passer votre message.
    Belle journée et merci!

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